40th Annual Staser Scholastic

November 14, 2015 @ the Great Park in Irvine. 10am-4:30pm

This is the information page for the 40th year of the Staser Scholastic. There are two sections, the Unrated section and the USCF section.

Unrated Section - This section is FREE to all players. It is a round robin format based on grade. This means all players are placed in their grade level and then play one game against all others in their grade. No clocks nor keeping notation is required. Also, there is no membership required. Medallions are awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each grade while all participants will receive a Participation Certificate. In order to register, please click here and put in the child name, school, and grade.

USCF Rated Section - There are 3 sections: Open, U1000, and U500 & UNR. The entry fee is $25. One very important note is this year, the USCF rated section will be held in another room called the "Artist Studios". This room has been dedicated only to the USCF Rated players so they can have quiet to better concentrate and focus. There is one, half point bye allowed as long as tournament staff are notified and confirmed. These byes must be requested before the start of round 2. Ratings for the tournament will be as of November 12. The other important note is this section is limited to the first 96 paid players here online. The final important note is due to time, we are not accepting any Rated section entries onsite. Those wishing to register onsite on November 15th, will be referred to the Unrated section to Mr. Barber. That section is FREE!

In order to register, please click here
and put in the child name, USCF ID#, and section desired.

Schedule and Trophies

Open Section (Open to all; The strongest players will be in this group.)

Under 1000 (All players will be rated lower than 1000)Under 500 & UNR (All players will be rated lower than 500 as well as have all new USCF players.)

For all other notes, please download the flyer and read these at the bottom. Please contact Joe Hanley, 714-925-3195 or Dewain Barber, 714-998-5508 for any and all questions. Thank you!