HCA Sessions

These are USCF rated tournaments. We place all competitors in rating order and then group them up in either 4 or 6 player groups. These tournaments are held every Saturday and Sunday from 2pm-6pm. Here is the format:

2pm-2:30pm - Consists of 30 minutes of Intermediate-Advanced instruction.

2:30pm-6pm - 3 hours and 30 minutes of USCF rated games. First place in each quad will receive a trophy. The time control for these tournament games is G/45, d5 for games where both are over 1000 and G/30, d5 for those where one player is under 1000.

5pm-5:30pm - If time permits, I will go over student's tournament games for all so that everyone can learn
from each other's strengths and weaknesses of their play.


  1. Pay As You Go - $30/session.
  2. Pay for 9 Up Front and Receive 10 - $270 (Punch card used with a 1 year expiration from date of purchase)
  3. Monthly (Calendar) Membership - $150 (Entitles you to all of the Saturday and Sunday sessions during the calendar month as you wish)

Saturday and Sunday Sessions
Student Name & Start Date -