Hanley Chess Academy Summer Chess Camps
Week Long Camps from June 11 - August 24, 2018
8am-12noon (Weeks 2-5 are 8:30pm-1pm) each day.

Location: 2091 Business Center Dr., Suite 120, Irvine, CA. 92612 714-925-3195


Besides private lessons, camps are the 2nd best way to make big improvements. Why? Because of the many hours spent working on exercises, playing USCF rated games, and then immediate review from staff to work on changing weaknesses of play into strengths.

Registration Costs:

The fee is $185/week/session. Daily attendance is $40 per session.


Joe Hanley; 714-925-3195

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Who will be the chess instructor(s) in this camp?
A1. Joe Hanley, United States Chess Master, will be the chief instructor. He is the trainer of 5 students who are currently in the Top 100 Players in the USA in their age group as well as training 11 National Champions and 3 National Champion teams. Also, Joe has a staff of other highly rated players. All instructors have also been trained in his methods of training.

Q2. Will my son/daughter have to compete against higher, more experienced players?
A2. No, each student will be placed in either the Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced Group based on either their USCF rating or playing ability.

Q3. What does my son/daughter have to bring with them each day?
A3. Please have them bring their chess set, clock, and scorebook if they have it. If they do not have it, we will supply them.

Q4. What if I am unable to pick up my child by the end of camp?
A4. We will care for your child until you arrive. There will be a fee of $.50minute charged for this care.

Q5. What is the refund policy should my child have to cancel?
A5. As long as the cancellation is within two days from the camp day, a full refund will be given. There is no refund if your child wishes to leave camp due to not wanting to participate or any other non-emergency circumstance. If the cancellation is less than 2 days in advance, there is a 50% refund.

Q6. Is lunch or any meal provided?
A6. No, please have your child bring snacks or his/her lunch.

By my registration for this child, I am stating I am the legal guardian/parent. I give full permission to have my child participate in this camp. I agree to the terms as written on this page. I also agree my child must adhere to the directions of the camp and it's directors. Failure to do so may cause my child to be asked to leave the camp without any refund. Should an emergency arise, I give full permission to Joe and/or Yvonne Hanley, or any other approved HCA staff to render any medical treatment they deem necessary. I also give permission to them to transport my child to the nearest hospital should this become necessary.

Week Long Registration - ($175)

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Single Day Registration - ($40)

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