Welcome to Hanley's Chess Academy (HCA)

Upcoming Big Events Calendar

  1. 4th Annual American Stars Scholastic
    May 4, 2014; @Hanley Chess Academy

  2. 5th Annual Dewain Barber Scholastic (With $1,000 in Scholarship Awards!!)
    June 8, 2014; @Hanley Chess Academy

  3. Las Vegas Chess Festival
    June 12-15, 2014; Las Vegas Riviera Hotel

  4. Summer Camp Schedule
    June 23 - August 22, 2014; @Hanley Chess Academy


  • Youth classes (Ages 4-18)
  • Youth tournaments (Ages 4-18)
  • Youth Camps (Ages 4-18)
  • Private Lessons
  • Travel to Compete in National and State Tournaments
  • 5 Scholastic Regional tournaments each year.
  • What We Stand For and Believe Children Will Learn From Playing Chess:

  • Develop Friends and Socialization Skills
  • Improved Critical Thinking Skills
  • Learns To Deal with Life's Ups and Downs Because We Will Not Win Every Game
  • That Making Mistakes are OK as These Are How We Learn
  • That With Perseverance and Determination, They Can Accomplish Any Dream(s) They Have
    (Even those who thought they wouldn't!)

  • Current HCA Students on Top 100 USCF Rating Lists

    1. Rianne Ke, 7 & Under, #42, USCF Rating of 1329
    2. Sai Satvik Kolla, 8 & Under, #75, USCF Rating of 1324
    3. Roy Cheng, 8 & Under, #85, USCF Rating of 1294
    4. Gordon McNeill, 11 & Under, #75, USCF Rating of 1714
    5. Daniel Pascoe, 17 & Under, #86, USCF Rating of 1925

    Current News
    • 4/1/2014 - This coming weekend, 4 of our students will be competing in the US High School Championship. I want to wish them, "Good Luck". We will still be conducting our normal class and tournament schedule at HCA on Saturday and Sunday.
    • 4/2/2014 - I have had a few questions regarding our Spring Break Camp regarding, "Do I have to have my child attend all week?" The answer is you are able to come when you choose. You also have the choice to pick a full day or the half day options. Registration is available at the link under "Camps". The Spring Break Camp is being offered on April 14-18.
    • 4/2/2014 - I understand from a few people that our Julia Hsing went an undefeated 5-0 last Saturday to win 1st place in the Booster section at the 1st National Girls Invitational Qualifier in Laguna Hills. Congratulations Julia! We are proud of you!
    • 4/4/2014 - The US High School Championships are underway in San Diego. From HCA, Daniel Pascoe, Gordon McNeill, Satvik Chennareddy, Ahryan Ahsan, Tara Yaghmei, and Pranathi Kollolli are competing! I am rooting for you guys! If you would like to follow the results this weekend, here is the link: http://www.alchess.com/chess/14/hs/
    • 4/5/2014 - Coach Daniel has been keeping me updated. He tells me Gordon McNeill just beat one of the best young players in all of California, a master rated 2287 in round 3. Congratulations Gordon! This is quite an accomplishment as your opponent is a very strong player!
    • 4/7/2014 - Just a reminder of our Spring Break Camp next week. We have had several communicate they will be at camp. I look forward to a productive week next week. These camps are where big improvements are made due to the many hours of instruction, training, and USCF rated games with review.
    • 4/7/2014 - I am excited to hear two other of our students, Nathan and Sam Weber competed in the National HS Champ as well. Nathan won his first game against a player rated over 1300 (from New York) and Sam won 2 games from students who are rated over 700! Congratulations Nathan and Sam! I am also happy to hear the whole Weber family had a great experience! The other thing I am happy for for all of our students is regardless of their results, they have all improved just by competing. These Nationals are truly great experiences! My congratulations to everyone!
    • 4/13/2014 - Just a reminder we begin our Spring Break Camp tomorrow. We go each day in two sessions...8am-12:30pm and 12:30pm-5pm.
    • 4/13/2014 - Another reminder that April 15 is our cut off for early bird registration into our May 4 American Stars Scholastic Championship.
    • 4/18/2014 - I am being asked if we will be open this weekend due to the Easter holiday. Yes, we will be open for our full schedule on both Saturday and Sunday.
    • 4/18/2014 - We finished with 16 campers coming to our Spring Break Camp. Everyone trained very hard and everyone is working on their next levels of improvement. We had 10 rounds of USCF rated play as well.

    HCA Hall of Fame

    Below are my students who have won National and State Championships.

    National Champions Title Tournament State Champions Title Tournament
    Joaquin Perkins 1st Grade Champion Nat'l K-12 Grade Level; Orlando, FL; December 2010 Solomon Ge 2nd Grade Champion No. CA Grade Level; Stockton, CA; November 2010
    Ryan Perkovich 1st Place - Class "E" US Open; Irvine, CA; August 2010
    Kyle Perkovich 1st Place - Class "D" US Open; Irvine, CA; August 2010
    Joaquin Perkins Kindergarten Champion Nat'l K-12 Grade Level; Dallas, TX; December 2009
    Joaquin Perkins K- 3 Champion Nat'l Youth Action; Irvine, CA.; December 2011
    Joaquin Perkins, Edward Jin, Nico Webb, Ryan McCloskey,
    Maddie Yee, Brad Orcutt
    K-3 Team Champions Nat'l Youth Action; Irvine, CA.; December 2011
    Joaquin Perkins Champion, Under 8 Yrs. of Age, Perfect 5-0 Score Nat'l Chess Congress; San Francisco, CA.; February 2012
    Charles Tang Champion, Under 16 Yrs. of Age Nat'l Chess Congress; San Francisco, CA.; February 2012
    Daniel Pascoe Champion, 20/18 & Under Section Nat'l Chess Congress; Irvine, CA.; March 2014
    Elbert Zheng, Rohan Jeyanandarajan, Samarth Das Team Champions, 6 & Under Section Nat'l Chess Congress; Irvine, CA.; March 2014
    Daniel Pascoe, Ben Quincey, Alex Wilde Team Champions, 20/18 & Under Section Nat'l Chess Congress; Irvine, CA.; March 2014

    Joe's Bio

    Joe Hanley has been teaching chess to youth and adults for over 22 years. He went to college at Long Beach State and graduated with a Bachelors of Business Administration degree in 1991. Joe learned chess from his father when he was 8 years old. In Junior High, he was introduced to tournament chess by the well-known chess teacher Dewain Barber. Since then, Joe has held a lifelong passion for chess and believes wholeheartedly in the value of learning and playing chess.

    Joe was a serious player in major chess competitions from 1978 and 2002. In 1991, he earned the title of United States Master from the U.S. Chess Federation. During this time, Joe won 64 games against master level (2200-2600 USCF) players including 2 Grandmasters and 6 International Masters (the 2 highest titles achievable in the world other than World Champion). Joe was the Champion of the Master section at the U.S. Open Championship in Hawaii in 1995, a tournament that had some of the best players in the US.

    Through his years of chess playing, Joe was able to see first-hand how the game trains the mind for focusing, strategic thinking, problem-solving and critical analysis. These skills greatly enhance intellectual pursuits such as tackling complex math and technical subjects as well as impart life lessons of hard work, self-confidence and self-responsibility. From 2004-2006, Joe was a teacher of advanced math (pre-algebra, geometry and Algebra) at a private school in Cypress CA. In this capacity, Joe also found his love of teaching and coaching. For several years, Joe was a referee for water polo, swimming, and basketball. In 2002, he was invited by the NBA into its referee development program where he continued to referee minor league and college basketball until 2009.
    In January 2008, Joe was able to combine both his love of chess and teaching by opening the Hanley Chess Academy (HCA). At HCA, Joe provides chess education and practice through private lessons, group classes, weekly tournaments, and training for major chess competitions. In the last 4 years, Joe has trained 7 Individual National Champions and one National Champion Team. His students include(d): Joaquin Perkins (winner of 4 titles in FL 2010, Texas 2009, Irvine 2011 and Burlingame 2012), Kyle Perkovich (1st place in the D section at the US Open in 2010), Ryan Perkovich (1st Place Class E in 2010), and Charles Tang (the Champion of 16 and Under att the National Chess Congress in 2012). Joe has also trained one team to a National Championship in December 2011.

    Parent/Coach Testimonials

    To contact us, please email us at hanleychessacademy@gmail.com or call us at 714-925-3195.

    Hanley's Chess Academy is located at 2091 Business Center Dr.,Suite 120, Irvine, CA. 92612. From the 405 freeway, exit MacArthur and go south to the 1st light. Make a U-turn and then a right at Business Center Dr. Go about a quarter of a mile and we are on the left hand side.


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